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Independant retailer launches first ecommerce website, transitioning from pen and paper into the digital world.


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2023 -  Present
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Independant retailer launches first ecommerce website, transitioning from pen and paper into the digital world..

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Meet the client

Whitchurch Builders Supplies (WBS) is an independent Builders' Merchants founded in 1946 in Cardiff, South Wales.

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Project Details

As a longstanding, family-run business, WBS has been a staple in the local construction supply industry, providing materials and expertise to both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts.

Initially, WBS approached us to redesign their static and purely informational website. However, through our in-depth discovery process and client workshops, we identified opportunities for significant enhancements. The project scope expanded to develop an e-commerce platform complete with B2B invoicing and trade application processing alongside a central marketing hub.

Concurrently, it was decided that WBS would undergo a comprehensive rebranding to modernise its visual identity and ensure consistency across all digital channels.



Transitioning from a traditional pen-and-paper operation to a digital-first approach represented a monumental shift for WBS, which relied on manual processes for over 75 years. Key to the project's success was maintaining the company's ethos of local and flexible service. Collaborating closely with Gareth, Head of Transport at WBS, we tailored the e-commerce solutions to enhance, rather than disrupt, their operational workflows. Additionally, sensitively managing organisational change was crucial, as we needed to respect the business's successful history and culture while steering it towards modernisation and efficiency.



Our process began with workshops to understand WBS’s operations, followed by a website audit, competitor analysis, and keyword research. Our digital designer, Tom, led the rebranding efforts, creating a new logo honouring the company’s legacy with four bricks representing the four generations of family involvement. The development of the website was handled on WordPress using North Commerce, a modern alternative to traditional e-commerce systems that provided enhanced speed and usability. We integrated key functionalities like local delivery and pickup, conducted a full media day for fresh visual content, and offered comprehensive staff training on the new systems.



The rebranding and new website have unified WBS’s brand identity across all platforms, significantly enhancing its market presence. The soft launch exceeded expectations with higher-than-anticipated orders. Continuous feedback from staff and customers during the first 30 days led to incremental improvements, ensuring a smooth transition and robust system functionality.



The WBS team has fully embraced the digital transformation, recognising the benefits of streamlined operations and enhanced service capabilities. The new website preserves and amplifies the personal touch that distinguishes WBS in the marketplace. Our ongoing partnership focuses on further developing their digital strategy to sustain and amplify this growth.