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Setting up an online store can be a daunting task, especially for businesses that are just starting out. From choosing the right ecommerce platform to developing a user-friendly website and implementing effective marketing strategies, there’s a lot to consider before your online store can start generating revenue.

That’s where our marketing agency comes in. We offer comprehensive ecommerce services that can help you create a successful online presence. Our team specialises in one of the most popular ecommerce platforms – WooCommerce and will be launching site on North Commerce in 2023.


WooCommerce is an open-source platform that allows businesses to sell products and services directly from their WordPress websites. It offers robust features such as customizable product pages, shipping options, payment gateways, inventory management and more.

One of the biggest advantages of using WooCommerce is its flexibility. Since it’s built on top of WordPress, there are thousands of plugins available that can be used to extend its functionality even further. Whether you’re looking for better SEO optimization or more powerful analytics tools, there’s likely a plugin available that will meet your needs.

North Commerce

North Commerce is a brand-new powerful ecommerce platform for WordPress that provides enterprise-grade solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers features such as product management tools, order fulfilment capabilities, customer relationship management (CRM) software integrations and more.

One notable advantage of using North Commerce is its scalability – it’s designed to grow with your business as your sales volume increases over time. This means you won’t have to migrate your website or switch platforms every time you reach new milestones.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once you’ve chosen an ecommerce platform that works best for your business needs, the next step is optimising it for conversions – i.e., getting visitors to make purchases on your website instead of leaving without taking any action.

This involves a combination of web design best practices and marketing strategies such as creating compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), optimising landing pages for better engagement rates and implementing effective retargeting campaigns through social media advertising and/or Google Ads.

Our team of ecommerce experts can help you identify areas of your website that may be causing conversion issues and provide actionable insights to improve them. We approach every project with a data-driven mindset, using analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of our strategies over time.

Shipping & Inventory Management

Effective shipping and inventory management is crucial for any ecommerce business. At our agency, we understand that managing products, shipping and inventory levels can be overwhelming when running an ecommerce store. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions to help streamline these processes for our clients.

Our team of experts will manage your inventory levels in real-time, so you never run out of stock unexpectedly. We also offer efficient order fulfilment and shipping management services that deliver products to your customers on time and in excellent condition.

Payment Gateway Integration

Secure payment gateways are essential for any ecommerce business wanting to accept online payments. Our agency offers secure payment gateway integrations with popular providers such as PayPal, Stripe, Square and more. This ensures that your customers’ sensitive information is protected during transactions – providing peace-of-mind for both you and your customers alike.

End-to-End Ecommerce Solutions

At our agency we pride ourselves in providing end-to-end ecommerce solutions that are tailored specifically towards meeting the needs of individual businesses.

We understand how important it is for businesses today to have a strong online presence to reach their target audience effectively. From design concept taking into account the business brand identity all through development process leading up until deployment – our skilled professionals use proven methodologies every step along the way ensuring client satisfaction

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your existing ecommerce store(s) up a notch – we can help! Get in touch with EMBARK below…

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  1. North Commerce

    EMBARK Studio is a founding agency with North Commerce. The newest ecommerce solution for WordPress. Look forward to incredible speeds and functionality, right out-of-the-box.

  2. WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce solution for WordPress. EMBARK has over a decade of experience with WooCommerce.

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