The #1 step in the web design process

Website Discovery

Website Discovery example by EMBARK

Is a discovery phase the most important part of the website design process?

We think so.

At the very least, a website discovery is the foundation for every strategic decision moving forward for a website project. 

As part of our website discovery phase service, we undertake the following steps to ensure our digital strategy is on point:

  • Competitior Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Visual Sitemap
  • Opportunity Report
  • PPC Forecast
  • Prelim SEO Audit (Existing Site)
  • SEO Content Plan

A website discovery process is a fantastic way for us to impress you with our work before you commit to the rest of the website project with us – an invaluable ice-breaker!

EMBARK can provide our discovery phase as a stand-alone service or as part of a complete website project.

If you would like more information on our Discovery Phase process, you can contact us.

Alternatively, you can book your discovery phase with us by clicking the order button below.

During our initial Discovery Phase, we identified the 2 main goals of the new website: to increase traffic and to get relevant leads.

More importantly, we learned how we could achieve this.

New opportunities and competitior data were shared with us and were valuable in creating our long-term marketing strategy with EMBARK.

3 months after the re-launch we are now starting to see the results of a comprehensive, professional process that has laid the foundations for our business development.

Start your Website Discovery...

EMBARK won’t develop a website without one. We would be designing the website blind!

Selfishly, it will make our lives so much harder during development. It also makes it very difficult for us to get results for your business.

Not only would that make us look bad, but it would be damaging to your business.

No one wins, we both lose. Let’s avoid that.

Our Discovery will be completed in 14 days.
Once we deliver our Discovery to you, this will help shape our Proposal (7 days) in a much more specific and flexible manner, in reaction to the data and findings on the Discovery. It helps direct our strategy and inform the scope or work and your budget.
I.e. you’ll know why we are planning X & Y and why we also suggest Z.

Our Discovery service is £1,500. It is, without doubt, the most important part of the website build. It’s the foundation for everything going forward. 

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