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Award-winning bakery relaunches their WooCommerce store to North Commerce for growth.


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2024 -  Present
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Award-winning bakery relaunches their WooCommerce store to North Commerce for growth..

An assortment of gourmet brownies with various toppings and flavors, presented in a box from Beth's Bakes.
Meet the client

It all began for Beth in her kitchen with orders from friends & family. Her presence on social media went viral and in 2018, Beth opened her first cake shop in Newport, South Wales. As her reputation grew, so did her business, leading to the addition of a production unit and a dedicated team by 2024. Beth's Bakes has become a beloved local brand, known for its creative and delicious baked goods.

Assorted brownies and lemon bars displayed beside a pink bakery box with "Beth's Bakes" logo.
Project Details

Beth’s Bakes experienced rapid growth thanks to a booming social media presence - her socials were hotter than her handmade bakes straight out of the oven. However, the existing WooCommerce site couldn’t keep up—it was slow, bloated, and increasingly difficult to maintain. Beth approached EMBARK needing a high-performance website that was easy for her team to manage, scalable for future growth, and capable of enhancing sales and average order values.



Upgrading Beth’s Bakes from an underperforming WooCommerce platform to a more robust system like North Commerce presented several technical challenges.

The transition required the meticulous migration of extensive product data and integration with existing digital marketing tools while ensuring zero downtime.

A significant specific challenge was developing a custom Royal Mail Click & Drop integration, as this functionality did not previously exist on the North Commerce platform. This feature was essential for streamlining Beth’s shipping processes and enhancing delivery efficiency.

Additionally, the bakery’s peak sales periods demanded that the new platform handle high traffic volumes without compromising user experience.



The project kicked off with a strategic planning phase, mapping out the transition to North Commerce to ensure enhanced site speed and functionality. The transition involved meticulous data migration to preserve years of customer data and product information. Our UX team designed a user-friendly interface that simplified navigation and streamlined the purchasing process, making it inviting and efficient for both new and returning customers. A/B testing was conducted to refine user journeys, and SEO optimisations were implemented to enhance organic reach.



Post-launch, Beth's Bakes saw a significant improvement in website performance, with faster load times and a more stable platform during high-traffic periods. Early metrics showed an increase in sales and a higher average order value, indicating that customers were responding positively to the new user experience. Feedback from Beth and her team was overwhelmingly positive, noting easier site management and maintenance.



Beth’s Bakes is now positioned for further growth with a scalable e-commerce platform that can adapt to future business needs. The success of the relaunch has reinforced the brand’s commitment to providing exceptional products and service. EMBARK continues to support Beth's Bakes with ongoing site optimisation and digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and convert sales.