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Two Essential Elements for Consistent Website Design

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by Kade McConville
CEO of EMBARK w/15 years of WordPress experience. Business and Law Graduate. Marathon runner, mental health campaigner & proud dad.

Style Guide Example for Good Website Design that incorporates colours and fonts.

In the past, people could quickly determine a person’s family by looking at their coat of arms. It was because coats of arms were usually passed down within families, so they tended to be very similar from one generation to the next. 

The family crest is a symbol of a family’s identity and history. Although each family member may have a different crest version, all versions usually have consistent elements. The most common aspects of a family crest include a shield, helm, and emblem. 

The principle of consistency holds to website design because all website pages must have a consistent look and feel. The overall layout, colour scheme, and font style should be the same on every page. It helps to create a cohesive and polished website that is easy to navigate.

Consistency can help establish your brand’s trustworthiness in several ways:

  1. It creates a professional and cohesive look that instils confidence in your potential customers.
  2. It helps build credibility by ensuring that your website is up-to-date and accurate.
  3. It makes it easy for visitors to find the information, which builds trust and reinforces your brand’s reputation.

1. Colour Theme

When discussing colour scheme consistency, we refer to using colours that work well together. A consistent colour palate creates a sense of harmony and unity in your web design and can make your website look more polished and professional.

There are various ways to create a consistent colour scheme. One approach is to use colours in the same family, such as shades of blue or green. Another option is to use colours with the same saturation level, such as pastels or neon.

Once you have selected the colours you want to use, it is critical to use them consistently throughout your design. Using the same colours for your background, text, links, and other elements. If you want variety, you can use different hues of the same or complementary colours (opposite each other on the colour wheel) for a more dynamic look.

When it comes to web development, a consistent colour scheme is a key to creating a cohesive, professional-looking site. Using colours that work well together and consistently throughout your design can make a polished and unified look for your website.

2. Fonts

We often underestimate the role that fonts play in web design. A good font can make your site look more polished and professional, while a bad font can make it look sloppy and unorganised.

Think about it – when you read a website, the font is one of the first things you notice. If it is difficult to read, you will likely lose interest quickly. On the other hand, if the font is easy on the eyes, you are likely to stick around.

It is vital to choose the right font for your website. The font you select should be easy to read and fit your site’s overall aesthetic.

If you are unsure where to start, look at some of the most popular web fonts. A few options include:

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Times New Roman
  • Poppins

Tip: You can also browse a huge library of free and popular fonts on Google Fonts.

Once you have chosen a font, use it consistently throughout your website. It will create a sense of cohesion and make your site look more polished.


A consistent web design is essential for several reasons. It helps create a cohesive overall look for your website, it can make your website more user-friendly and intuitive, and it can help improve your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO). 

If you want to ensure consistency, you should tap into EMBARK. We offer professional branding and web design services to help establish your brand’s importance in your respective market.

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