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Why Is WordPress Beyond A CRM Plugin For Web Design?

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by Kade McConville
CEO of EMBARK w/15 years of WordPress experience. Business and Law Graduate. Marathon runner, mental health campaigner & proud dad.

Why Is WordPress Beyond A CRM Plugin For Web Design?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage websites easily. While WordPress does not have built-in CRM functionality, there are some plugins available that can add CRM features to your site.

With the help of the fully comprehensive WordPress CRM WP-CRM System, you can easily manage your clients, projects, and tasks using the familiar WordPress user interface.

Why would you spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on a customer relationship management (CRM) system whose charges are based on the number of users or records that access your database?

With a WP-CRM System, you can save a limitless number of records and provide everyone in your organisation access to the WordPress CRM data they need to expand their business.

Learn more about WordPress as a CRM Plugin, and learn where to find marketing services. 

Beyond A CRM

Your team can plan projects, assign tasks to particular individuals, keep track of marketing campaigns, and transform opportunities into successes with the help of the WP-CRM System!

Using a CSV uploader, you may rapidly import contacts and other information from your obsolete CRM.

Get email updates whenever a task or project you have been assigned is created or updated. Don’t forget anything ever!

Quickly create new contacts from those who have already visited your website with only one click. The plugin will update new connections in the WP-CRM System with existing information (such as a user’s name, email address, etc.).

Recognise Your Clients’ Needs and Respond Right Away

A WordPress CRM solution may help you keep track of your leads and current clients. It allows you to categorise and arrange customer needs and behaviour so that you may sell your business to the right target demographics at the right time. 

Knowing their history with the company and where they are now will help employees better serve their clients.

Additionally, you may collaborate with your clients while improvising new or modified company practices. CRM software is typically customisable and may be used on mobile devices. This enables rapid responses to client inquiries and requests, as well as on-the-spot management of events.

CRM makes client information available to anybody who might need it. 

As a result, if an old agent were to be replaced by a new one, the latter would be able to quickly access all the data relevant to the client’s history and provide responses. 

Since the CRM recognises, tracks, and records every interaction with a customer, it helps an organisation stay organised and aware of a client’s needs.

Obtain Valuable Insights to Guide Your Decision-Making

WordPress CRM systems have several tools and plugins that let you extract and examine your data. 

You may mine and analyse the data gathered using CRM software to identify and serve your most valuable customers. This enables the identification of cross- and up-selling opportunities.

The results of the data-driven analysis may help managers and team leaders increase sales and production estimations. Therefore, they are aware of the demographic most receptive to marketing tactics. 

Your company may monitor the number of issues that are regularly repaired, the number of issues that have been reported, and the response time by being data-driven.

Increased Revenue and Accountability

Automated workflows lessen the number of redundant and repetitive tasks that obstruct team development. 

With WordPress CRM, you can easily send automatically scheduled emails to a large number of clients and prospects as opposed to doing it manually. 

Consistency is achieved by employing the same strategy, routine, and business processes throughout the team because all agents use the same interface.

Managers may react with staff as necessary since they can observe whether key performance metrics are satisfied. 

Data collected in real-time is utilised to recognise and honour achievements. WordPress CRM solutions are also safe, which lets you monitor customer information, performance metrics, and sales information from anywhere. 

Furthermore, you can choose how much access to provide your staff.


WordPress CRM plugin can be a great way to manage your customer relationships, leads, and sales pipeline.

By choosing the right plugins, you can get the features and functionality you need to streamline your business processes and improve your bottom line.

Of course, you can also work with a marketing agency in Cardiff that specialises in WordPress! EMBARK are a professional Cardiff-based web design and digital marketing agency. Get in touch if you need web design, SEO, marketing or eCommerce services. 


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